Welcome to my First Website!

What is this website you may ask?

This was my first project within the field of coding, these pages were purely made from scratch with html and CSS

This is the home page that will lead to the other pages that will either go next or link back to this page. This home page is modeled after my older brother's personal blog and my high school's home page within their websites. Here is my older brother's blog, he inspired me to do coding. Here is my high school's home page that I will model this home page after.

This is my first project, which will contain any other projects that I may think of and store them here.

I plan to implement more advanced a smooth looking transitions and see if I can figure out how to use javascript to my advantage here.

Well that's the end of this description just practicing using the article tag within html as well as paragraph tags because I mostly used the list tags within the other pages which are about my future.


Now at the time of typing this paragraph I have successfully added a navigation bar with a animations and have the knowledge to change its appearance. Hopefully, by the time you're reading this I would have many more links to other projects I may have created. I think I know what this website would become, an archive of some sore where I experiment with and this home page will be the hub that connects all of my future projects. Very nice indeed.

I originally had more links, but they were out of place, and so I got rid of them. My first change that took away code rather than adding on to it. Either way, I feel that this would limit my workload of redesigning those pages, they were just basic HTML and CSS code anyways.

My Projects

This is where I put my third final language to the test, Javascript. I am at the moment working on adding more, which will eventually be enitrely javascript based. Hopefully, I can add more diverse projects that rely on Javascript.

Unit Converter

This is where I began to learn how tedious javascript can be due to the amount of functions I need for each unique situation, although, the code for the unit conversion was the best method I can implement for each conversion, which again was tedious. However, it did help me refine my ability to work with the button function that I struggled to implement on this page. Meanwhile, I also learned how to properly use arrays in a somewhat effective manner and by creating a reset button so recalculations are faster than deleting each value one by one.

Age Calculator

This project is just as it's name suggests, it calculates your age when you give it a starting year and a final year. The real purpose of this project was to see how the class, constructor, and calling said class worked. It seems that I wouldn't have to be repetitive in coding javascript functions even though the age calculator would not have repeating code.

Guess My Number

I decided to use javascript more by expanding on my knowledge of how javascript would work by using logic and looping. In this game, the computer automatically chooses a random number depending on the mode you choose and as the name suggests, you have to guess for it. I may add more things like how many times you got something correct, although, that's the least of my concerns for now.

Check Calculator

Here I added in something that is also javascript based. At this point, I am experimenting with DOM manipulation where I modify the attributes of elements within the page. It is also logic based as I used looping and various techniques to accomplish what I created, the Check Calculator.